Woodrow Nash

Woodrow Nash's recent sculptural works present the lure and mystery of our past and present reflections. The cut out eyes of his majestic clay figures gaze deep within the historical context of art history as well as carving out new path ways with Nash's sculptural techniques. The range of colors and textures bring Nash's life-like beings down to earth to be observed and reflected upon. His stylized African portraits evoke the 15th century Benin concepts of graceful slender proportions and undulating lines of 18th century Art Nouveau. In his works Nash achieves his goal of integrating expression, complex symbolism and sophisticated aesthetics to yeild striking embodiments of the human soul and sensuality.

Incorporating various styles and techniques Nash utilizes stoneware, earthenware, terracotta and porcelain. The sculptures are then fired electronically using a pit firing technique giving the sculptures a "raku" effect; creating an "African Nuveau" trademark that is solely his own. Each sculptural figure is unique and strikes an individual pose of poetic grace and refined detail — each telling their own story.

Nash's work has traveled both nationally and internationally with collectors that range from working professionals to high profile celebrities. Angela King Gallery is honored to present the sculptural art works of Woodrow Nash.



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