Richard Currier

The effects of Paris and the impressions of Amsterdam are apparent in all the paintings which come from the gifted palette of this powerful painter. His works are riveting in the "simple complexity" which personifies his spirit. A watermelon becomes much more than a static piece resting on a bountifully laden table and two watermelons, seeming to prop up one another, become much MUCH MORE than merely two pieces of fruit. What they become, how visually they are transformed remains the mystery and the skill of vision which epitomizes the beautiful paintings of Richard Currier.The focus of his particular interest was the subject of a story about him in American Artist Magazine entitled "On Handling Intimate still-life."

Many of the early and revered masters worked diligently to discover the mystery surrounding the illusive relationships arranging fruit or flowers or greenery and then painting them. The challenge has always occupied this dedicated artist and it remains precisely that, the ultimate frustration. "Throughout my career I have explored a variety of subjects in various representational styles; however, the true subject of my paintings has always been the fusion of light and atmosphere."

Educated at the Ringling School of Art & Design, with additional studies and research abroad, Richard Currier has been the recipient of many awards, has exhibited extensively throughout the southeastern part of the United States and is honored to be in several museums as well as certain prestigious collections.

"From simple arrangement to the very complex where objects become as characters in a stage play, each object with its own role that comes together in a moment of clarity and purpose. The series entitled 'Movable Feasts' embodies paintings that combine all the above elements, existing in a turbulent atmosphere of substance and movement. I paint until the objects become more than what they are. I am intrigued by contrasting elements - color and shape, abstract and objectivity, balance and tension."

Such is the Artist Statement of Richard Currier, artist extraordinaire.



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