Tony Savoie

Tony Savoie began his life as an artist freelancing and working for screen printers, publishing companies, and ad agencies. After many years, the question arose whether to continue on this path or attend to the family business. He chose neither direction. For those years, he had maintained a studio at home, and that was where his heart was. His decision was to concentrate on his own painting and to begin exhibiting in festival shows around the country. His work found an appreciative audience almost immediately. Blending Pop and Protest themes, his imagery — derived from his half journal, half sketchbook — ranged freely over the American landscape of beliefs, opinions and convictions.

Initially, his work used traditional painting media and constructions. One day, however, he decided to try fiberglass. The result was what he describes as an epiphany. He cleared out his studio and brought in rolls of fiberglass material and drums of resin. The work became intensely hand-made, combining industrial materials with artistic hand work. After spreading a bed of liquid resin, he presses fiberglass fabric into it, working quickly to produce the effects of texture and depth. The level of excitement is high, as the materials begin to solidify. Once hardened, he paints and writes (sometimes backwards) on the surface, then starts another layer of resin and painting. The result has the free-wheeling, visceral effect of a Rauschenberg ‘Combine’.

Every mixed media work began with an idea or a specific issue. In the process of creation, the idea is humanized through humor and the multi-level expressions of art. “Art does not do anything to solve issues. It does help us see how we relate to the world,” Tony says, “It puts the questions out there for those who are interested.”

Born in Daytona Beach, Florida May 2, 1965, Tony now lives and paints in Orlando. He joined Angela King Gallery in 2015.



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