Michelle Gagliano

Michelle Gagliano has been painting for over twenty-five years and has shown across the country, including solo exhibitions in Texas, Louisiana, California, and New Mexico. Her work is held in numerous private and corporate collections throughout the United States and Europe, including Texas, Amsterdam, London, Beverly Hills, New York, Paris, and Washington, DC. Gagliano was born in Jamestown, New York, and studied painting at North Texas State University with painter Vernon Fisher. She has a degree in painting from Plymouth State University, Plymouth, New Hampshire, and travels frequently between Texas, New York and Virginia.

In 2017, Gagliano was awarded the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Visual Fellowship. In 2018, the artist returned to school and obtained her MFA in Painting from American University, Washington D.C..  Gagliano is currently preparing for a solo exhibition at the American Embassy in Rome, Italy.

"Lucio Gambit wrote of the mid-sixteenth century frescoes in the Vatican Gallery of Maps: “the hand of the artist still interprets the emotion connected to the land.” My paintings also relate to an emotional connection to the land. They consist of several layers of oil glazes, creating textures that evoke a sense of aged surfaces. They create an emotional charge in the interplay of dark and light. And my more recent work weaves these shades to create atmospheric masses in global organic forms suggestive of the sea, the earth and the sky."

Michelle has sometimes referred to her work as Primo Pensieri — "First Thoughts"  a phrase which refers to an artist's initial sketches which are done freely and loosely to explore different solutions for a design without bothering with finished details. It is an overly modest term for her gorgeous and sophisticated imagery. One cannot imagine what her second thoughts might be.



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