Charles Thysell

Charles Thysell grew up in Hawley, Minnesota, a small town of some 1,400 people. His father was a country doctor and his mother an accomplished singer and housewife who nourished his interest in a life of art. His hometown helped shape his appreciation for nature and the basic values people hold dear.

After studying art in Minneapolis, he concluded that school was not for him. He struck out as a song writer-performer in the turbulent seventies, and when that ran its course, dedicated ten years to working with non-profit artist organizations as a widely recognized advocate and teacher. All the while he continued to draw and paint. His work – ranging from still lifes to landscapes to “Heads” – inevitably found its way to museum exhibits and gallery shows. Its warm-hearted, unpretentious style and quiet integrity has won a national following.

Of the present exhibit, Charlie has this to say:

"These new works—my tribe—these heads, are tangible proofs of my existence in this world, how I assert myself into it, relate to it and live for it. As an artist, I affirm life one painting at a time. I use my eyes, yet endeavor to create from my heart as much as possible, use my hands to make faith with each piece, To mark my work with a re-confirmation of hope, as a sign to myself that I am willing to believe in the future, willing to live beautifully."

—C. Thysell



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