Angela King

Gallery Director

Angela is a California native but after 32 years considers New Orleans home. She has a large family there (she's 7th born of 12) so California is always a vacation destination for her. Adventure moved her to New Orleans in 1977. Her love of art and creative spirit guided her into the art world in the late 70's. She moved to NOLA to open a California craft gallery in 1977 that evolved into an art gallery by 1983, shifting to original paintings when she became a partner in '93. She then continued until 2006 when she started her own gallery post Katrina.

Having longterm friendships and honest relationships with her gallery team and her artists have been the foundation of her success. "Surround yourself with talent, nurture it, show flexibility, stability, intention, truth and love, and the potential is limitless".


Malcolm Genet

Fine Art Consultant

Malcolm was born in New Orleans. As a senior member of the staff, he has been largely responsible for interviewing and writing about our artists for our paper and web publications. On the side, he has written copy for many artists, including Peter Max, Luigi Rocca, Richard Currier, Michelle Gagliano, and Mackenzie Thorpe. "You don't have to know anything about art or the artists to love art," he says, "but it actually is fun to look into these things, and it frequently opens doors in your mind and helps you be more receptive to unfamiliar subjects and styles." Malcolm has a BA from Tulane University and an MA and PhD from the University of California at Berkeley.


Ellin Egan

Fine Art Consultant

Ellin is a born New Yorker and lived in Manhattan, working in advertising and publishing, doing copywriting and editing.  After moving down south, she became a studio sculptor and potter, winning wide-spread recognition and many awards. She served as founding member and President of a non-profit contemporary crafts organization. Joining Angela King Gallery out of a love of art and people, she brings a unique perspective on the creative process. Ellin lives in a restored Victorian double shotgun house in an historic neighborhood next to the French Quarter. Her take on New Orleans: “New Orleans is very much like New York — there is great food, diversity, culture, and never a dull moment.”


Christi Capoziello

Fine Art Consultant

Ms. Capoziello is native to New Orleans and holds a Degree in Fine Arts from Louisiana State University/Baton Rouge. Her professional experience spans the realms of fine art. They include; Senior Art Consultant/Curator for Jamali NYC Gallery located in SoHo, Manhattan; Gallery Director at Wentworth Galleries-New York, where she specialized in the art of Peter Max; Director of Framed Art for commercially successful brands such as Bed, Bath and Beyond, Kohl's, and Target.  Specializing in Contemporary Art, she dedicates herself to her clients, wholeheartedly, providing superior customer service. After many years spent in the Big Apple, Christi recently returned to her beloved New Orleans, and is eager to share her expertise with you at the Angela King Gallery. 


Kathy O'Shaughnessy


Kathy was born in St. Louis Missouri and first came to New Orleans in 1963.

She has been a New Orleanian for the past forty-five years. A career as a house painter first brought Kathy to the gallery to paint the walls, and she stayed on, first as a shipper and later as an administrator.
Kathy is the number cruncher, building manager, and go to girl for all around paper managing behind the scene, and did we say, indispensable?

The things that keep Kathy going and growing are the same things that bring her the most joy: yoga; her great kids and wonderful grandsons; camping, and meditation.


Jennifer Kael

Fine Art Consultant

Jennifer is a product of her environment. She came to the gallery with twenty years’ experience in luxury acquisitions, client relations, and a can-do attitude.

Since 2012, she has found beauty, wonder, culture, friendship, adventure, intrigue, energy and love all at 241 Royal Street. Jennifer considers herself very fortunate that she is able to make a career of sharing all of this with the people who walk through those same doors.

When not at the gallery, you will find her beside the love of her life and their six children. Jen loves being with her family while coaching, volunteering and raising money to benefit the children in her community.


Laura Suarez

Gallery Assistant
Laura has a BA degree in Art History from the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. Laura has also studied at The Institut Catholique de Paris. She hails from the hills of Ohio but New Orleans feels like home. 


Clare Welsh

Art of Dr. Seuss Consultant

Clare is an artist, writer and photographer based in New Orleans.  Her drawings have appeared on the covers of books and magazines, and her writing can be found in Offbeat Magazine, Pressure Life, Salt, Southern Glossary, and other places in print and online. 




Tim angle


Tim has been working in the arts for over thirty years. He is a master framer and indispensable at AKG!