Tajah Olson

Fatima Tajah Olson hails from the Southeast African country of Malawi. She moved to Namibia when she was fourteen years old, where she attended Windhoek International School. Olson left Namibia when she was seventeen and moved to Victoria BC where she finished high school. Olson then attended Pacific Design Academy where she received a Fashion Design Diploma.

After graduating college, Olson worked at a screen printing company before applying to Emily Carr Art & Design University where she was accepted into their Fine Arts program. After residing in Vancouver for four years, Olson earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts.

After graduating, the artist returned to Malawi where she volunteered at orphanages as well as a local hospital teaching art to teens living with HIV.

After returning to Vancouver, Olson continued in her humanitarian efforts; dedicating her time and resources to restoring an underprivileged school outside the city. The artist worked as an African dance performer and instructor; performing at community events and teaching children and adults African street dance. Olson continues to volunteer and dedicates her time in support of the African community.

Tajah Olson’s work is on permanent exhibition at the Seattle Municipal City Tower Gallery.


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