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Raymond Douillet

Raymond Douillet

Celebrating 50 Years of Creativity

We wait for the day we can announce an exhibit of Raymond Douillet's work. Years pass as Douillet prepares his canvases, chalks his imagery, and patiently applies his oils, layer upon layer, detail upon detail. At last, as eagerly anticipated as a rare lunar eclipse, the day comes.

Shortly before the celebration of Halloween, with its roots in ancient Celtic ritual, Douillet will present a collection of new paintings. In essence, they are exactly what we have expected, in that they are totally unexpected. Filled with multilayered imagery that offers ancient visual language in the context of contemporary life, this collection asks us to think with our eyes. And what a grand artistic adventure he gives us!

La Nuit et le Jour

Night and Day*  71.5” x 52.5"

Night and Day* 71.5” x 52.5"

The theme of night and day is equally pervasive throughout Western culture, particularly since it is entwined with the moon and sun. Certain processes were supposed to be done in the day or at night; moreover, illustrations of the moon and sun stood for specific materials and processes. “Night and Day” is a gathering of ancient images that carry multiple levels of meaning for the modern individual. Read more..

Les 4 Éléments

Les 4 Éléments*  53.7” x53.7"

Les 4 Éléments* 53.7” x53.7"

The concept that four classical elements constitute everything in the universe dates as far back as the fifth century. The elements were central to the alchemical hermetic science of the middle ages. Douillet's large scale painting, “The 4 Elements”, with its four-sided composition, might have been painted on the ceiling of a fifteenth-century chateau built by an alchemical adept, yet in its broader approach it also speaks to our current cultural state. Read more...

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