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Andy Baird - Perceptions

Andrew Baird


Audrey 1/15/18 52” x 45" Acrylic on canvas

Audrey 1/15/18
52” x 45"
Acrylic on canvas

A professor of art once compared Andrew Baird's paintings to the facade of a Gothic Cathedral, "made up of thousands of small fragments that visually dissolve the solidity of the stone into a 'sensation' of immateriality." Innovation would be too limited a word, but Baird has introduced a new visual vocabulary to Pop art imagery after two years of experimentation and self-training. He has created a genre that combines the physical techniques of Action painting with the pictorial discipline of the Post-Impressionists (call it Action Impressionism?). It is a valuable contribution, one which will likely secure him a place in art history. At the very least, it has enabled the artist to give fresh vitality to the essence of Pop art imagery - the identification and representation of cultural icons, be they individuals, art homages, or common objects. Emerging from a seemingly chaotic interlacing of lines of color, Baird's imagery gives the sensation of matter without edges, "immateriality."

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