Wales, Museum of Modern Art
Florida, Brevard Art Museum
Wales, National Museum of Wales
Wales, The National Library of Wales
New York, J.P. Morgan Inc.
Wales, Glynn Vivien Art Museum
Venezuela, Procter and Gamble
USA, 3M Art Collection
Wisconsin, Alverno College
Wales, Aberystwyth Town Hall
London, Goldman Sachs
Wales, Anglesey Museum Art Collection
Belgium, MasterCard Europe
Wales, University of Wales Art Collection
Singapore, The British High Commission
Wales, Contemporary Arts Society
Virginia Beach, the office of the Mayor
New Zealand, the Mickelsen Collection
Texas Tech University Public Art Collection
Texas, The Citadelle Art Foundation
Holland, Galeri Gerard, The Hague
The Besherat Museum Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
The Besherat Museum Gallery, Barbizon - France