Anna Sweet

The focus of my work is women immersed in water, at the "decisive moment" of their expression. Altered photographic images are mounted on aluminum and encased in UV resistant resin and semiprecious materials such as crystal, metals, minerals, and glass. The resin encasement preserves the color and texture of the semiprecious materials and prolongs the life of the photographic print.

When exposed to sunlight or halogen, the works glisten with rays of red, blue, green, and yellow. The photographic images and encased materials coalesce into a stunnning, seemingly three-dimensional representation of the subject. The subjects in this series are radiant displays of female beauty.

Anna Sweet

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This is the first underwater video by underwater artist Anna Sweet. Technical Director - Ryan Uzilevsky @thelightharvest Camera Operator - Pono Grace @ponograce Models - Jess Taras @jesstaras & Hadassah Sweet @hadassahsweet
Underwater Photographer and Artist Anna Sweet - @iamannasweet Filmed & Edited By: @ponograce Drone Footage: @steve_mize Underwater Housing: @aquatech Lighting and Cameras: @hawaiicamera Yacht Rental: @hawaiiyachts Models: @jesstaras, @mudra_love, @hadassahsweet, @itscoles, @bridgettem14, @kavenachun, @8michelle8, @alettrich, @mollypearsonfitness Music: Banks Beggin For Thread - Gryffin & Hotel Garuda Remix Location: Oahu, HI