Rick Lazes

Rick Lazes has been creating sculpture for three decades. His studio is located on Lake Norman near Charlotte, North Carolina. Lazes has always enjoyed working with his hands and earned his living as a carpenter early in his career. The artist works in various mediums including wood, plaster, aluminum, steel and Plexiglas. The commonality of his work is the fluid nature of his subjects which are both natural and sensuous and largely influenced by the female form.

Lazes graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in architecture and sociology. In addition, as an inventor, he holds several patents for innovative environmental friendly technologies employed in 60 countries worldwide.

Artist, Inventor and Entrepreneur- Lazes’ professional career includes his work as a real estate developer and concert promoter. He has produced hundreds of concerts in 30 states, live music festivals and TV shows for HBO and Cinemax


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